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Machining Technologies, Inc. established its Wear Parts business in Elmore, Ohio, specializing in the precision grinding of tungsten carbide wear materials. We began catering primarily to the high-pressure paint and oil industries’ needs for fluid dispensing and pump components such as valve seats.


The Plastic Ball Division was established incorporating mold making, injection molding, and specialty ball grinding/finishing. Plastic Balls are custom made for many applications such as pump and flow control devises, light load bearings, construction of office furniture and medical equipment, and are used extensively in pharmaceutical, medical diagnostic, food and chemical production.


Machining Technologies expanded by building a new facility at 468 Maple Street.


This year witnessed the start of our Precision CNC Machining Division. Utilizing state-of-the-art CNC Turning, CNC Vertical Machining, and Multi-Spindle Screw Machines the Machining Division has the capability to manufacture just about any type of precision machined part. Many of our customers had needs for the carbide wear components to be brazed to parts machined from steels and other materials. The addition of the Machining Division enabled us to autonomously produce a completed assembly in house.


This year marked the setting up of our Metal Ball Division to produce tungsten carbide balls to compliment our Wear Parts and Plastic Ball business. Tungsten Carbide Balls are on the other end of the hardness spectrum in comparison to Plastic Balls. They can be found in heavy machinery applications where extreme hardness must be accompanied by high resistance to wear and impact. Particularly, they are used in many of the Wear Parts we produce such as industrial sprayers and flow control devises. They are also the preferred choice for precision hydraulic valves, high load bearings, gauging and checking instruments, and hole sizing.


Machining Technologies added to its existing facility, doubling the available square footage.


Automated pressing, preforming (soft machining), and sintering technology was developed for a Carbide Manufacturing Division to produce the cemented tungsten carbide blanks for our Wear Parts and Tungsten Carbide Ball manufacture and the needs of other customers for carbide blanks.


The Carbide Manufacturing was shifted to Duncan, South Carolina in a bid to heighten our expertise and increase our product base. Machining Technologies also increased capacity by 100% through the acquisition of equipment and technology at the South Carolina facility.


Machining Technologies continues to consistently develop technology to enhance its in-house manufacturing capabilities. We are looked upon as a leader in product development thanks to our innate ability to closely work with our customers' engineering staff. Most importantly, it is our Quality, Innovated Technology, and Service that have kept us consistently at the top with our customers.