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Special Machining

Valve Balls & Seats

The use of a precision ball held against a valve seat is one of the most accurate and cost effective ways to control the flow of liquid or gas. Machining Technologies manufactures precision balls (our carbide balls) and seats in a wide variety of sizes to provide the required performance.

Ball, Seat, and Match Lapping

We also manufacture valve balls in non-corrosive plastics. (our plastic balls)
Machining Technologies specializes in the lapping techniques to generate high quality ball-seating surfaces for valve and seats made of tungsten carbide and other hard brittle materials.

Vacuum Leak Testing

Machining Technologies uses a very sophisticated technique for leak testing by pulling a high vacuum down stream of the seat and checking ball or poppet. The decay of vacuum can quickly and accurately be measured to evaluate the quality of the seal between the seat and the ball or poppet.