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Metal Balls Division
A True Global Leader in Tungsten Carbide Ball Manufacture

What sets us apart from other manufacturers of tungsten carbide balls?
The most significant point of difference is the depth of our engineering and our diverse manufacturing capabilities.
Unlike other ordinary commercial ball manufacturers that must start by purchasing ball blanks from cemented carbide manufacturers, we press and sinter our own tungsten carbide. At Machining Technologies, you are truly dealing with a tungsten carbide ball manufacturer in all respects, and the timely delivery of your order is not dependent upon any other manufacturers.
We virtually start from the beginning and control the entire manufacturing process at our facilities.
As part of our Quality Assurance System, we have developed detailed procedures for the control of all manufacturing, processing, inspection, engineering, documentation, and other related functions. Our Quality Assurance System has been audited and is approved to the U.S. Government's MIL-Q-9858 and MIL-45208 specifications. Tungsten Carbide Balls are evaluated using a computer assisted Federal Circular Geometry Gage that is accurate within 2 millionths of an inch to insure that they conform to ABMA standards or to special customer requirements.

We offer a range of cemented carbide balls that come in a wide variety of options, as per their individual features, sizes, chemical composition etc. We can assist you with cost-effective solutions to your numerous problems that relate to component wear and failure in various manufacturing industries. Expect only the finest in quality tungsten/cemented carbide balls from Machining Technologies.

We are proud to say that our tungsten carbide balls have been successfully used in wear parts, automotive components, can tooling, carbide rotary cutters, metal forming tools, oil & gas applications, PCB drill blanks, sawing applications etc. So, to fulfill all your needs regarding tungsten carbide/cemented carbide balls, come to Machining Technologies.